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For Tenants


Search for desirable properties in London. Narrow your search by using our parameters.

Book Viewing

Instantly book viewings in available slots on our online calendar. Return anytime to check times and locations of viewings.

Make Offer

Make an offer for a property you love. This offer is then relayed to the room provider, who can choose to accept or reject it.

Transfer Deposit

Safely secure a property by transferring your holding deposit to us. We keep this until two weeks after your move-in date, then it is transferred back to your account.

For Landlords and Agents


Easily upload your property to our platform. This is a quick process and can be done manually or through existing software.

Accept / Reject Viewings

Tenants will apply to see your room through the booking system. You will be able to quickly view profiles, before accepting, rejecting or re-scheduling bookings.

Accept / Reject Offers

Tenants can make an offer for the property as soon as it has been viewed. Room providers can accept or reject these offers based upon the tenant or amount.

Await Notification of Holding Deposit

Sit back and relax whilst we take care of the holding deposit. Once we have received it, we will notify you and you can begin further proceedings.


Premium Offer for Tenants

The best way to find your perfect room!

What We Offer:

• Unlimited recommendations and consultations.

• Locals’ knowledge to match you with the perfect area in London.

• We will book your viewings or – if you can’t make it – send you a video viewing of the property instead.

• Since we also work with landlords, EPR can often fast-track your application, allowing you to secure the
room before anyone else.


For Tenants: It costs nothing to sign up for our service. You will be charged a flat fee of £14.99 only when you need to transfer a holding deposit to secure a room.

For Landlords and Agents: Our service is completely free for landlords and agents.

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